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Distillery Tours
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Distillery Tours

Oliver & Oliver - A Tour and Tasting of Cuban Tradition

Written by Pavol Kažimir   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 22:06


Article courtesy of Pavol Kažimir, www.dominicanrums.com


Oliver & OliverEverything started when i discovered the Vizcaya rum about a month ago.


I contacted the company right away and asked if there is a possibility of visiting their rum facility. Nancy de Blanck, the sales and export manager of the company without any hesitation agreed to my proposal. 10 emails, 2 phone calls and two weeks later I was there...

I decided to go there with Ramon the bartender from Hilton bar "Sol y sombra" who has a good knowledge about spirits, Kierstin our official DRA group photographer (good job) and Maria the beginning rum enthusiast.


Upon our arrival we were greeted by Ivette de Blanck, the head of the factory. She kindly took us to our first stop during this tour. The aging facility.


Brugal is the World

Written by Matthew Robold   
Wednesday, 09 December 2009 02:49


Matt Robold is a rum connoisseur and insufferable snob who enjoys subjecting the world to his views at RumDood.com. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Cocktails & Spirits Online Writers' Group, a collection of writers dedicated to helping the world drink better.


Matt lives in Southern California with his collection of rums and an abusive mint plant.


Brugal Rum


Brugal is the world's third largest producer of rum, ranking behind only Bacardi and Captain Morgan. In the Dominican Republic, if you're drinking rum, you're probably drinking rum from Brugal.


The Brugal family inadvertently started the movement for entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic when Andrés Brugal Montaner settled in Puerto Plata on the northern coast of the island and started a small rum distillery in 1888. Today tourists travelling to Puerto Plata can tour the Brugal facilities there, where the family still ages, blends, and bottles their rum.


St. Nicholas Abbey - Self Guided Tour

Written by André DeGrâce   
Saturday, 23 May 2009 20:36


Article courtesy of André DeGrâce.


St. Nicholas Abbey Tasting RoomApproaching this old Jacobean plantation promises to be a memorable experience.


Coming from the west (via Holetown or Speightstown) you’re greeted by a road lined with massive mahogany trees.


Via the east coast its impossible to miss the view offered by Cherry Tree Hill.


It is one of the highest points on the Bajan Island and offers the breathless view of the entire rugged east coast.


The last route is the one we took. After stopping to take pictures of the view you start driving down the slope where you enter the mahogany lined road that leads to the estate.



Appleton Estates Rum Tour – Shore Excursion Deluxe!

Written by David Ellis   
Friday, 01 May 2009 09:00

Appleton Estate Rum Tour (www.appletonestate.com)Trying to decide which shore excursions to take on a cruise can be a mind boggling thing. Well, on a recent cruise which included Jamaica, it was easy for me. While my family was off getting freezing cold walking up the Dunn river falls, I went on the Appleton Estate Rum Tour.

I boarded my van with other passengers from our ship. We traveled the route winding through the lush greenery and little villages until we entered the valley where the distillery resides.  Upon entering the gates, we all could smell the sweet smell of molasses wafting through the open window.

We entered the main estate building and went into the receiving room/bar area where we met our guide for the tour and were treated to a rum punch (tastes of things to come)! There is a good deal of history in the distillery. Appleton has been making rum on this site since 1749 and in that time, technology has definitely changed the production process.


Brugal Rum Factory Tour

Written by Roger P. Moller   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 11:42

Brugal Rum TourThe Brugal Rum Factory is located on the Avenida Luis Ginebra on the outskirts of the city of Puerto Plata on the Atlantic Coast of the Dominican Republic.


The plant is a factory and not a distillery.  The rum is distilled elsewhere in the country and trucked to Puerto Plata for aging, blending, and bottling. Brugal bottles a light rum under the Carta Blanca label and produces under the Brugal label a light rum as well as multiple grades of dark rum; Carta Dorado, Añejo, Extra Viejo and the limited edition Siglo de Oro. In addition, they produce a rum cream that is very tasty indeed.


Ron del Barrilito Tour

Written by Jim Ducharme   
Tuesday, 10 March 2009 22:05

WindmillOn Wednesday, January 28 I met Federico Hernandez, the organizer of the upcoming Puerto Rico Food and Rum Festival along with MOR member Rumelier. We had scheduled a tour of the Ron del Barrilito facility as well as the Bacardi plant. Here is an account of the Barrilito tour.

We arrived just after 10 AM. Federico drove right up to the production building. The doors were open and we walked into the bottling room where workers were busy boxing up a recent bottling run. Federico asked if Don Fernando Fernandez, the third generation family owner was available.


A worker pointed up to an open loft “office” where Don Fernando was seated at a modest desk. Federico announced we had arrived for our tour.


Don Fernando arose from his desk and leaned over the railing and said with a half smile, “This is it!” He came down from his office and we were introduced and exchanged the customary pleasantries that are part and parcel of Puerto Rican life.


Old New Orleans Rum Distillery Tour

Written by Matt Robold   
Thursday, 21 August 2008 06:19

This article is courtesy of Matt Robold from RumDood.com.


Old New OrleansDuring Tales of the Cocktail this year, I decided to make a trip down to see Celebration Distillation – home of Old New Orleans Rum. I wanted to get an inside look at how this small American distillery was producing a unique collection of rums that they claim captures the essence of the Crescent City in a bottle.

I spent the morning putting together some notes, and then grabbed a taxi from the Hotel Monteleone to the distillery.


The two buildings are only about 3.5 miles apart, but I didn’t want to end up lost and figured a cab would be the right way to go. The drive there took a tad longer than I had expected as we navigated the numerous one-way streets of the French Quarter and then traveled through several neighborhoods that were still showing signs of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina.


It was a rather jarring reminder that – despite the signs of improvement in the French Quarter – New Orleans has still not fully recovered.

My plan worked like a charm, and we ended up lost in a cluster of industrial buildings, driving up and down rocky, uneven roads.


Eventually we found ourselves on the other side of the tracks (literally) and after some searching about, we finally found a modest warehouse on Frenchmen Street in the Gentilly neighborhood with a sign for Old New Orleans Rum, and figured we’d found the right place.

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