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How Rhum is made on Martinique

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Wednesday, 26 June 2013 19:20


Want to see how rum is produced at the Clément and J.M distilleries on Martinique? Then check out these two inspirational videos taking you through the beautiful surrounding nature and culture to the distilleries where the juice is extracted by crushing the sugar cane, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled for your pleasure.


An intricate and traditional rum making process.


Click here to see the video for Rhum J.M

Brooklyn meets Woodford at Whisky and Alement

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 08 June 2013 22:39

Brooklyn Local 1 & Woodford Reseve Aged Cask RyeMay 25, it is a Saturday afternoon at the newly renovated Whisky and Alement, formerly known as Chez Regine, with the staff busy preparing glasses and snacks for the Whiskey and Beer pairing about to start. I've arrived a little early with Linus Schaxmann setting up his laptop for the presentation, we're still waiting for everyone else to show up.


Meanwhile I have a look around the new bar and it really looks fantastic with all the tasting glasses set perfectly on their pre-allocated spots reserved for about 30 people.


I have no idea what the snacks consist of but they are starting to smell awfully delicious with the smell of Woodford Reserve wafting in the air as it's being poured in the glasses. Almost everyone has come in now and the presentation is about to begin.


We are introduced by Linus Schaxmann from Brown Forman to Allan Duvall and Tom Price from the Brooklyn Brewery. After a few introductory words we get right into pairing some new-make Woodford Reserve with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Room soon fills up with chatter as we get started and compare our notes and thoughts.


Whisky enthusiasts gather in Adelaide

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Tuesday, 04 June 2013 16:11

Lark Whisky (Tasmania)Sunday 2nd June between late morning and late afternoon hours at the Hilton on Victoria Square in Adelaide, gathered a number of Whisky enthusiasts to sip and savour whiskies from beyond the sea and some from closer home.


The Great Whisky Exposition marked the 4th Malt Whisky Society Convention showcasing around 80 different whiskies from around the world including Scotland, Taiwan, New Zealand and of course Australia.

Some notable products in addition to the usual suspects were whiskies produced in Tasmania such as Sullivans Cove and Lark Single Malt Whisky and new products such as the Starwards Whisky from Essendon, Victoria.


Unusual finds at the show were single malt Whiskies from Taiwan called Kavalan. Available from the Kavalan range were the regular flagship single malt as well as the Concertmaster Port Cask and Solist Sherry Cask finished single malts.


Rum Review: Mount Gilboa (Barbados)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 02 June 2013 02:38

Buy from Master of Malt or The Whisky Exchange

Mount Gilboa RumMount Gilboa is an interesting rum for many reasons, the most noticeable detail being the fact that the rum is triple distilled, more importantly a triple distilled pot still rum.  As far as I know there are only a handful of rums in the world that are produced this way, at least many are not advertised as such. However, finding rums distilled more than once in column stills are far more common.

The other interesting detail about this rum is that it is produced at the Mount Gay Rum Refinery in St. Lucy, though it should be made clear that Mount Gilboa is an independent product and the operation is currently ran by Frank Ward. Frank is a descendant of Aubrey Ward, who originally acquired the estate that has been in the Ward family since the early 20th century.

The refinery's copper and column stills produce all the rum for Mount Gay's portfolio, however for the production of Mount Gilboa only the copper pot stills are used for the triple distillation process as mentioned above.

The process begins with the distillation of fermented molasses that is further distilled a second and a third time with the final distillation being above 80% abv. The distillate is then diluted and set to rest in 190 litre once-used American oak casks for 4 years, no more, no less, according to Frank Ward.

Read more about Mount Gilboa Rum

Inner Circle Rum Masterclass

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Monday, 13 May 2013 17:29

Inner Circle RumLast Friday I decided to check out Cushdy, one of Adelaide’s premier cocktail lounges owned and operated by Shaun Pattison on Hindley street since 2008. Cushdy is also the home of the Adelaide Rum Club that had its first rum tasting in 2009 with Flor de Caña rum.


This time the rum in question was a little bit closer home than Nicaragua and is an interesting blend of rums produced in Australia at the Beenleigh distillery and the other half coming from Fiji.

Originally Inner Circle Rum was produced by the Colonial Sugar Refinery for its employees, or for the so called Inner Circle, back in the 70s until 1986 when sadly the distillery closed down.

After a break of nearly two decades Stuart Gilbert, a former Olympic Yachtsman and 8 times World Champion Windsurfer and more importantly a rum enthusiast, acquired the trademark for the brand and in 2002 re-launched the iconic Inner Circle Rum in Australia with the help of CSR’s former Master Distiller Malcolm Campbell.

Read more about Inner Circle Rum

Ask The Rum Expert at Miami Rum Festival

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 30 March 2013 02:14

The International Rum Expert Panel announced a staff of notable experts will be on hand at the Miami Rum Festival to answer attendee's questions about rum.

Ask The Rum ExpertThe Miami Rum Festival takes place in mid-April with hundreds of fine rums on display in a 40,000 square foot exhibit hall at the Doubletree Miami Airport Hotel. It's also an annual gathering of major proportions -- now a tradition -- for many of the world's most experienced rum experts.

In addition to their blind tasting sessions in their RumXP competition, the judges of the International Rum Expert Panel today announced they will be on hand at the 2013 Miami Rum Fest Grand Tasting events on Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21 to field questions from consumers attending the event.

"Ask The Rum Expert" is a new feature of this annual cane spirit gathering. Participants will tap into the combined expertise of these notable rum hounds -- these world travelers and collectors of fine rums -- while browsing the isles to evaluate rum samples.

Participants are invited to visit the RumXPs at their "Ask The Rum Expert" exhibit. All questions are welcome, from the most basic to in-depth inquiries about specific products, distillers, brands or countries of origin. They might just have the answer to your rum-related question.


Spirits Professionals Launch International Rum Council

Written by International Rum Council   
Thursday, 28 March 2013 22:05

International Rum Council


Five well known spirits professionals have come together to form the International Rum Council (IRC). Their mission is simple: Promote, advocate and champion the diverse and wonderful world of rum by engaging consumers through events, seminars and focus groups and by producing and distributing one-of-a-kind material on the topic.


The IRC founding members are Dave Russell (RumGallery.com), Bob Davies (Rumelier.com, OldBahamas.com), Mike Streeter (RumConnection.com, Bahama Street Promotions), Nicholas Feris (RumCollective.com) and Carlton Grooms (RumCuisine.com, Coastlines & Tan Lines).


IRC members have traveled the world touring rum distilleries, judging cane spirits tasting competitions, hosting rum-themed cruises and speaking at seminars. Most of all, they are known for their published material and have collectively built one of the largest and most loyal online networks of rum aficionados and fine spirits enthusiasts on the planet.


Their first adventure as the IRC takes place this week in Martinique where they will tour the island's famous distilleries as guests of the Martinique Promotion Bureau. In the coming months, the group will travel throughout the Caribbean, US and Europe researching and promoting rum.


Be sure to stay abreast of the IRC's work on their website (RumCouncil.com) and on Facebook and Twitter.

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