Whiskey Review: Evan Williams Single Barrel 1996 (Kentucky)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 21:58

Evan Williams Single Barrel 1996Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 1996 is bright brown with core highlights that are nearly red in this refined decanter. The cork is protected by a black rubber seal that goes all the way down to the end of the bottles bubbled neck.

Markings on the front label clearly indicate the whiskey was put in oak in 1996 as do the handwritten notes, which add a touch of individuality, on the back label.

Around the neck is a small booklet praising the quality of Evan Williams Single Barrel and listing some awards it has won over the years. All these little details make the bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel very inviting and attractive.


Rum from the Islay

Written by Islay Blog   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 21:57

Renegade RumThe Islay Blog wrote: "Renegade Rum, that was the title of the mail from Bruichladdich I received yesterday. Rum? I thought Bruichladdich was a whisky distillery? What do they have to do with rum?

Most people will associate Islay with the famous Islay Single Malt Whiskies, not rum. But it certainly made me curious, even though I don't drink rum.


Rum Review: Angostura 1919 (Trinidad)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Tuesday, 27 November 2007 03:11

Angostura 1919An individually numbered square bottle with rounded shoulders and a big black wooden cork that makes itself stand out in the middle of other bottles. This is a bottle that makes you think you're in for something really special. The box itself where Angostura 1919 came in is quite nice too with its embossed flower pattern in the front.

Before opening the bottle and pouring the rum in a glass I can already see that the clarity of Angostura 1919 is spectacular! You can clearly see through the golden liquid when looking through the bottle.


Remarkable Cache of Rare Jamaica Rum Found

Written by Finest and Rarest   
Monday, 19 November 2007 01:42

Fine Old Jamaica RumJudging from the labels and bottles, these rums were bottled around 1900-1910, and had likely 20 to 30 years in cask prior to that.


It's clear from the packaging that this was regarded as a superb quality rum even at the time it was bottled. This is an exceptional discovery - the nose is one of the most exotic and powerful I've ever experienced.


19th century rum of this quality is extremely rare - far more so than equivalently fine cognacs or armagnacs.


At the time, top quality rums were regarded by noted connoisseurs like George Saintsbury (in his legendary "Notes from a Cellar Book" published in 1920) as on a par with the finest cognacs.


Saintsbury writes how rare old fashioned dark rums (like these bottles) were becoming, and how superior they were to the paler, lighter rums then coming into vogue.


Rum Review: Ron Pampero Aniversario (Venezuela)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 11 November 2007 17:03

Ron Pampero AniversarioThe first thing that attracted me to this rum was its unique presentation. A squat bottle in a leather pouch. It immediately gave me the idea that this rum must be something special if the makers have taken the time to create such special packaging.

Outside the pouch Ron Pampero is dark mahogany and the label on the bottle is decorated with a medieval font, as is the typing on the leather pouch.The bottle also has a red plastic seal which bears the Pampero logo, a man on a horse.

Inspecting the bottle closer I was disappointed to notice that the bottle I have doesn't bear a bottle number despite the many reviews that state it should. Perhaps this is a newer bottle and the makers have decided not to use bottle numbering anymore.


Rum Review: Havana Club Añejo 7 Años (Cuba)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 27 October 2007 22:04

Havana Club Añejo 7 AñosThe rum I am reviewing today is one of the first rums that introduced me to the world of rum and really made me appreciate it. The introduction happened at a cigar bar where the owner suggested rum, rather than whiskey, to be had with a cigar. I was intrigued by his suggestion.

Previously, perhaps foolishly, I only considered whiskey or cognac to be had with cigars. The rum he recommended to me was none other than the Cuban Havana Club 7 años. What better choices are there for a first review than the rum that got me writing reviews to begin with?


Cork versus Screwcap - The Eternal Battle

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 07 October 2007 06:41

Cork or Screwcap?A long debated issue with many varying views. People seem to divide into two major groups when discussing this topic, they either love or hate the cork, still a lot of people don’t care how their bottle is sealed.


For cork lovers its not just about sealing the bottle, but rather how you seal it.


The screw cap is no doubt more reliable than the cork. It doesn't dry or leak very easily and it stays on tighter than the cork. Although these days most bottles that have a cork have a plastic wrap on them to prevent the cork from falling out.

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