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Rum Review: Mount Gay Extra Old (Barbados)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 10 September 2011 14:39

Mount Gay Extra Old RumThe Mount Gay Estate is one of the oldest estates in the Caribbean, and definitely the oldest on Barbados. Many believe rum has been produced on the estate as early as 1663, which is the year William Sandiford bought the estate.


The estate included a still that was capable of producing rum, but the only legal and the oldest written evidence of rum production in the estate is from 1703, making Mount Gay the oldest rum producer in the world.


The estate lies in the northernmost parish of Barbados, St. Lucy and was originally called Mount Gilboa but renamed to Mount Gay in 1801 to honour Sir John Gay Alleyne, who had been appointed manager of the distillery in 1747 when the owner John Sober purchased the 280 acre plantation from William Sandiford.


Since the early 1900s, the Mount Gay estate has belonged to the Ward family who introduced new methods in increasing rum production while maintaining the old traditions of rum making.


Today the Ward family are still involved with Mount Gay Distillers, and you can find the signature of Aubrey Ward adorning every bottle of the old style of Mount Gay Rum. Why it was not included in the new design of Mount Gay is a mystery yet to be revealed.


Mount Gay Rum Club

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Monday, 29 August 2011 00:17

Jimmy, the contestants and MikeMay 2nd Golden Monkey - Every now and then my local Rum Club comes up with something a little different to the usual rum tasting seminars that is both innovative and an interactive way to present a product to the rum connoisseurs and hobbyists alike.

The standard releases, Eclipse and Extra Old from Mount Gay Rum, 'the rum that invented rum’, have been around in the Australian market for a long time as the only two choices. However, a new blend from Mount Gay called '1703' was recently introduced around the world as the new super premium class rum which continues to receive positive feedback globally.

Not long ago the range expanded again with the addition of a new white rum, the Silver Eclipse, which is also now distributed across Australia and is intended as a mixer for premium cocktails.


Tiki 'n' Toxica

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 22:20

Kustom Lane GallerySunday the 8th of May saw the opening of a Tiki exhibition at the Kustom Lane Gallery in Hawthorn and I had got word about some rum and tiki thing happening at the show.

I was sold after rum was mentioned and I've been known to even brave the weather for a dram... but wait a second, what does an art show have anything to do with rum?!

Usually nothing and in most cases you're likely to be served sparkling or Champagne but in this instance Appleton Estate had sponsored the event, and considering their history and close ties to all things Tiki I thought it was a great idea.


Drinks with Lorena Vasquez at the Black Pearl

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Thursday, 19 May 2011 21:59

Jamie Chesher - Newmarket HotelWhen you first step inside the Black Pearl you immediately feel right at home, drawn in by the warm, relaxed interior design and welcomed by the friendly staff member behind the bar.

I waste no time and walk straight to the bar to order a drink. While waiting, I notice a few familiar faces from the Melbourne bar scene as well as international visitors.

Most unexpectedly I bumped into a friend I’d made at the Rum Fest in London last year. It was one of those surprising ‘hey, I know you!’ moments.

The word of the evening’s special event we had arrived for had definitely been passed around.

It was the arrival of Lorena Vasquez, the master blender of Ron Zacapa, that had attracted us all to the Black Pearl and not only that it was the launch of a cool new section upstairs at the Black Pearl, appropriately named the Attic.


10 Cane Rum Club

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 15 May 2011 21:19

10 Cane RumI wasn't sure what to expect from the April 10 Cane Rum Club when I received the invitation that read I would be guaranteed to regret if I missed out on the session and sure enough I found myself making my way to the Golden Monkey after work on a Monday night, not that I needed much convincing in the first place.

I had heard rumours of Moët Hennessy changing the bottle of 10 Cane Rum and as I later found out it was much more than the bottle they had changed.

The Rum Club, hosted by Mick Formosa, was a kind of a re-launch for 10 Cane Rum that apparently had undergone a reformulation from pure sugar cane juice rum to something a little different.


Before the rest of the crowd arrived, I had a chance to chat with Mick for a while before his presentation and relax in the corner of the bar sipping on a 10 Cane Daiquiri.


Gosling's Rum Club

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 15:57

Gosling's Family ReserveIt's always a mad rush to get in time to the Rum Club straight after work but if I can't do it, then someone else is going to drink my complimentary cocktail and we damn well can't have that now can we?


Besides, what kind of a person would refuse a free drink and samples of some pretty good Bermudan hooch?


Alex McDowell from Think Spirits, whom I had previously met before at the Sydney Bar Show, was there to present us three expressions of Gosling's Rum and a funny quiz that would decide the winner of Gosling's Old Rum, offered for grabs.


He had kindly brought with him some Gosling's mason jars from which our Dark n' Stormy  were served from, which by the way is a cocktail trademarked by Gosling's everywhere except Australia.


Unusual but apparently true.


Traditionally the cocktail has been served with Barrit's Ginger Beer but Gosling's have recently introduced their own "Stormy Ginger Beer" to replace the former and why not, considering they are already producing the rum for their trademark cocktail.


The rums, including Gosling's Old rum, have been available from various retailers and bars for a while now and the Stormy Ginger beer should arrive to the Australian shores sometime in May.


Drinks by the Dram

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Tuesday, 29 March 2011 18:13


Ever faced a problem when you couldn't decide between two or more whiskies to buy and when the only thing stopping you from buying both is the price?

Drinks by the Dram

I bet it happens to you all the time, unless of course you're some kind of wealthy person, in which case you can stop reading this review now.


Go ahead and sip your expensive spirits in your mahogany floored library full of leather bound first editions and a magnificent fireplace glowing in the background.


For the rest of us it can sometimes be quite a decision but it doesn't necessarily have to be a big one when you've got a service that literally allows you to buy samples by the dram without having to spend a big chunk of your earnings at one go and then ending up disappointed when the bottle you chose wasn't good after all!


Drinks by the Dram is just that kind of concept, making available small and inexpensive samples for most of their products that you can try before spending good money on that bottle you're wondering about.

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