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Rum Reviews

Maui Rum

From the second largest Hawaiian island Maui, comes rum handcrafted by Braddah Kimo at Haleakala Distillers. Read More...

Ron Los Valientes

Ron Los Valientes is a fantastic new rum range from Mexico. Click read more to begin reading the rum reviews. Read More...

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Rum Reviews

Rum Review: Mount Gilboa (Barbados)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Sunday, 02 June 2013 02:38

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Mount Gilboa RumMount Gilboa is an interesting rum for many reasons, the most noticeable detail being the fact that the rum is triple distilled, more importantly a triple distilled pot still rum.  As far as I know there are only a handful of rums in the world that are produced this way, at least many are not advertised as such. However, finding rums distilled more than once in column stills are far more common.

The other interesting detail about this rum is that it is produced at the Mount Gay Rum Refinery in St. Lucy, though it should be made clear that Mount Gilboa is an independent product and the operation is currently ran by Frank Ward. Frank is a descendant of Aubrey Ward, who originally acquired the estate that has been in the Ward family since the early 20th century.

The refinery's copper and column stills produce all the rum for Mount Gay's portfolio, however for the production of Mount Gilboa only the copper pot stills are used for the triple distillation process as mentioned above.

The process begins with the distillation of fermented molasses that is further distilled a second and a third time with the final distillation being above 80% abv. The distillate is then diluted and set to rest in 190 litre once-used American oak casks for 4 years, no more, no less, according to Frank Ward.

Read more about Mount Gilboa Rum

Rum Review: Mount Gay Extra Old (Barbados)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 10 September 2011 14:39

Mount Gay Extra Old RumThe Mount Gay Estate is one of the oldest estates in the Caribbean, and definitely the oldest on Barbados. Many believe rum has been produced on the estate as early as 1663, which is the year William Sandiford bought the estate.


The estate included a still that was capable of producing rum, but the only legal and the oldest written evidence of rum production in the estate is from 1703, making Mount Gay the oldest rum producer in the world.


The estate lies in the northernmost parish of Barbados, St. Lucy and was originally called Mount Gilboa but renamed to Mount Gay in 1801 to honour Sir John Gay Alleyne, who had been appointed manager of the distillery in 1747 when the owner John Sober purchased the 280 acre plantation from William Sandiford.


Since the early 1900s, the Mount Gay estate has belonged to the Ward family who introduced new methods in increasing rum production while maintaining the old traditions of rum making.


Today the Ward family are still involved with Mount Gay Distillers, and you can find the signature of Aubrey Ward adorning every bottle of the old style of Mount Gay Rum. Why it was not included in the new design of Mount Gay is a mystery yet to be revealed.


Rum Review: Maui Reserve Gold Rum (Maui)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Friday, 24 September 2010 17:54

Maui Reserve Gold RumMaui Reserve Gold Rum is the last of the four Maui rums and it has been aged for over a year in American Oak Casks (Jim Beam) as it says on the black label in gold lettering.

There is also a smaller label near the bottom of the bottle that has hand written cask and bottle numbers and the signature of the Master Distiller and this is something I always appreciate to see in any spirits bottles.

Furthermore, I have been fortunate enough to have a bottle of rum drawn from Cask Number One, which makes it quite a collectors item indeed.


Rum Review: Maui Dark Rum (Maui)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Thursday, 16 September 2010 15:22

Maui Dark RumI first tried Maui Dark rum at the UK RumFest 2008 at a tasting seminar by Paul Artrip and as I recall it had a plethora of rich aromas and flavours that I immediately wanted to experience again.


I even managed to grab a bottle of the stuff for later tasting, cheers Paul!

This particular bottle spent a lot of time on the shelf before I decided to crack it open for this review.


Needless to say I was eager to re-experience my initial impressions of the rum but often the second experience will not be quite the same, especially after such a long time having not tasted it.


Rum Review: Maui Gold Rum (Maui)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 19:03

Maui Gold RumAll Maui Rums, as explained in the previous Maui rum review, begin with the same fermented molasses base distilled into high proof spirit, used in all Haleakala Distillers rum products and aged in Jim Beam barrels for less than a year with the exception of the Maui Gold Reserve rum.

Exactly how long each individual rum spends in the barrel is not revealed, nor are any other techniques that might have been used to create a slightly different kind of rum.


Caramel colouring is used only to keep the colour consistent from batch to batch.


Maui Gold Rum, like Maui Platinum Rum, comes in a simple bottle with a colourful lei around its neck, the only exception between the two being a shiny gold coloured labelling.


Rum Review: Maui Platinum Rum (Maui)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 21:00

Maui Platinum RumMaui, the second largest island in Hawaii measuring 1883.5 square kilometres, has a variety of landscapes ranging from the arid volcanic terrain to lush jungles and has equally diverse climatic conditions.

Maui also happens to be the largest sugarcane producer in Hawaii, and of course we all know what that means – RUM!


Maui Rum is handcrafted by the master distiller Jim Sargent or Braddah Kimo at Haleakala Distillers from locally grown long maturity sugarcane that takes up to two years to grow to a height of sometimes over 3.6 meters.

The family owned distillery, where Maui Rum is produced is located on the Haleakala Ranch, which is a 30,000 acre cattle ranch established in 1888. The distillery itself opened in 2003 producing rums from Maui molasses and is a joint venture with the ranch.


Rum Review: Diplomatico Rum Blanco (Venezuela)

Written by Tatu Kaarlas   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 21:22

Diplomático Rum BlancoDiplomático Rum Blanco is the latest addition to the Diplomático rum range, first introduced at the UK RumFest in 2008. It is a white rum, distilled 4 times in copper pot stills and aged for 6 years in white oak barrels before going through a five time carbon filtration to remove any trace of colour from the spirit.

Diplomático Rum Blanco comes in a simple yet refined, tall, thick bottomed bottle with pumpkin coloured labelling and text that advertise the rum as ”Ultra Premium Imported Rum" and "Ultra smooth and Slow Aged Rare Rums of the Caribbean."

The synthetic cork is protected by a copper coloured metal seal and in the centre of the bottle can be found a familiar stamp, seen on all Diplomático bottles, depicting Juancho Nieto Melendez.

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