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Friday, 03 September 2010 19:07

Frequently Asked Questions


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Refined Vices officially launched in August 2007 though the staff has been tasting fine spirits far longer than that.

Currently Refined Vices publishes roughly one or two reviews every week with news articles added more often.

The forums, however, are always active and regularly updated by our members.

To help keep Refined Vices alive you can submit your own articles, submit spirits samples or post in the forums.

You can submit News Articles and Distillery Tour articles by forwarding them to info[remove]

Please bear in mind that Distillery Tour Articles must be originals and copyrighted by you. News Articles must include a source link if it is not copyrighted by you.

Note that submitting an article does not guarantee for it to be published on Refined Vices. You will be notified if and when it is published (User articles are usually submitted within 3 working days or faster).

Distillery Tour Articles should be around 400 words or more and will preferably contain relevant images to the article (1024x768 or bigger is preferred but not necessary if not available).

For any questions please contact us.

You can send samples for review by following very simple steps listed on this page under the "How?" headline.

For packaging instructions click the Read More link at the end of this text.

Refined Vices is currently located and operates in Australia in the state of Victoria.

Previously Refined Vices was located in Finland in Northern Europe.

In addition to Rum, Refined Vices also reviews Whiskey, Bourbon and other items such as Glassware. We have exclusive interviews with Master Blenders and other relevant articles. In the forums you will find discussion areas for not only rum and whiskey but also cigars, brandy, cocktails and other spirits.