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Rum Reviews and Whiskey Reviews Rum reviews and whiskey reviews. Distillery tours and exclusive articles. http://www.refinedvices.com/ Tue, 13 Oct 2015 13:33:47 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb The Sydney Rum Club Returns http://www.refinedvices.com/the-sydney-rum-club-returns http://www.refinedvices.com/the-sydney-rum-club-returns Mount Gay RumThe Sydney Rum Club made a much anticipated return last Monday, at Surry Hills' latest Caribbean restaurant and rum bar Jonkanoo, featuring a tasting of the full line of Mount Gay rums including their latest release, Mount Gay Black Barrel.


Black Barrel was launched in Australia around this time last year and to some of my international friends' dismay, only recently in the UK.


The rum is a blend of double pot and column distillates, aged in oak and finished in charred bourbon oak barrels. Based on the name I think you can guess just how charred those barrels are, right? Pretty damn charred would be my guess.

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Fred Siggins crowned winner of Bacardi Legacy Australia http://www.refinedvices.com/fred-siggins-crowned-winner-of-bacardi-legacy-australia http://www.refinedvices.com/fred-siggins-crowned-winner-of-bacardi-legacy-australia Fred Siggins and his Empire of Dreams CocktailNext stop, Moscow! Tuesday March 4 at The Mint aka the Rum Hospital Fred Siggins of Black Pearl took home the crown at the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition National Finals with his Empire of Dreams cocktail.

A combination of Bacardi Superior Rum, pineapple juice, apricot brandy, Crawley's orgeat syrup and fresh lime juice shaken over fresh coffee beans. A delicious concoction indeed.

Competing against David Nguyen-Luu (Rockpool, Perth), James Irvine (Hinky Dinks), Marco Nunes (Papa Jacks) and Nial Maurici (IXL Long Bar) it was no easy task winning the final given the serious talent Siggins was up against.

Sitting in the judges panel their creations were judged by Simon Difford (Diffordsguide), Hayden Lambert (Bar Americano) and Mark Wyatt (Rum Bar, Airlie Beach). One of the key criteria in the competition included a marketing and a social media campaign, which each of the finalists had the opportunity to showcase to the judges and audience in addition to their cocktails.

The audience also had the opportunity to taste each cocktail made by the finalists as well as other refreshments available at the bar.

I look forward to seeing Fred Siggins up on the stage in Moscow in May and wish him all the best and good luck!

Empire of Dreams on Facebook.
Photo gallery of the event available on Facebook and G+.


Bacardi Legacy National Finals Trophy

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Spirits Advent Calendars http://www.refinedvices.com/spirits-advent-calendars http://www.refinedvices.com/spirits-advent-calendars Rum and Whisky Advent Calendar

"Do you remember as a child, rabidly clawing open Advent Calendar doors to get to the chocolate-y goodness within? What if, as an adult, you could regain that festive excitement?"


I remember, and I also remember the first time Master of Malt announced their Whisky Advent Calendar, an absolutely spiffing idea, might I say, and a great way for me to relive my childhood... in an adult and perhaps in a slightly more responsible way.


This year Master of Malt, known for their fantastic range of spirits and Drinks by the Dram service, have really outdone themselves by putting out a Rum Advent Calendar and a Premium Whisky Advent Calendar on top of the existing Whisky and Ginvent calendars. Not only that there is a plethora of other calendars available for connoisseurs of fine spirits such as Craft Gin, Cognac, Tequila, Armagnac and even Absinthe and Vodka Advent Calendars!

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Bacardi releases new Facundo Rum Collection http://www.refinedvices.com/bacardi-releases-new-facundo-rum-collection http://www.refinedvices.com/bacardi-releases-new-facundo-rum-collection Facundo Bacardi Rum CollectionEarlier this year I was privileged to be invited to an exclusive launch event with Facundo Bacardi and the Master Blender Manny Oliver, together with several other Rum Experts from the International Rum Expert Panel.

The event was held at the Bath Club in Miami where we participated in an exclusive luxury dinner and a tasting of the new Facundo range of rums, named after the company founder.


The Facundo Rum range consists of four different rums starting with the white rum Neo, aged up to 8 years. It is one of the oldest white rums currently available and in my opinion also one of the more complex white rums. The suggested retail price for Neo is USD$45.


The second in line is called Eximo, which is a blend of medium to heavy bodied rums aged for 10 years in oak, retailing for USD$60.


Exquisito is the third rum and is a blend of 7 to 23 year old rums, interestingly finished in sherry casks that adds to the rich flavour profile, retailing for USD$90.


Finally we have the Paraíso, a superb blend of 15 to 23 year old rums finished in French Cognac barrels. This is a very rich rum and you can really notice the barrel influence in the flavour. The Paraíso will retail for around USD$250 per bottle.

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Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition Launches in Australia http://www.refinedvices.com/bacardi-legacy-cocktail-competition-launches-in-australia http://www.refinedvices.com/bacardi-legacy-cocktail-competition-launches-in-australia Bacardi Legacy Cocktail CompetitionFor the first time in its five year history the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition will enter Australia, challenging local bartenders to create a cocktail that aims to reflect the 150-year-old legacy of the Bacardi brand, a drink that will stand the test of time and become a true classic.

“BACARDI Legacy is one of the true grand slams of competition bartending, and we are delighted it’s open to Australian bartenders for the first time. Australian bartenders are internationally recognised for their innovation and creativity, and I can’t wait to see an Australian bartender representing us in Moscow.” - Demetrius Giouzelis, BACARDI - Senior Brand Manager

Bacardi will hold Regional Finals in each of the major states in Australia in October and will select one finalist from each state who will compete in the National Final in Sydney, in March 2014. The winner of the Bacardi Legacy National Final will represent Australia in the Global Final in Moscow in 2014.

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Angostura Barrel Aged Cocktail Competition http://www.refinedvices.com/angostura-barrel-aged-cocktail-competition http://www.refinedvices.com/angostura-barrel-aged-cocktail-competition Angostura Barrel Aged Cocktail CompetitionWith the Angostura Global Cocktail Challenge looming around the corner, bartenders over here in Australia have begun the preparations for the State Finals that are due to start soon, with the National Finals not far behind.


The winner of the National Finals in Sydney will receive $10,000 in cash, $5,000 worth of stock for the venue and will be flown to compete in Trinidad in the Global Final!


Meanwhile island2island, the distributor for Angostura Bitters and Rums in Australia, are currently running a Barrel Aged Cocktail Competition in each state. Participating venues will have aged their cocktails for a maximum of 4 weeks in custom made 5 litre newly charred American oak barrels, seasoned with dry sherry.

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Rum Experience University to launch in September http://www.refinedvices.com/rum-experience-university-to-launch-in-september http://www.refinedvices.com/rum-experience-university-to-launch-in-september Rum Experience UniversityHaving just introduced cocktails, in a world first, to the Antarctic, the Rum Experience University is the latest venture of Ian Burrell, the organiser of the annual UK Rum Experience, and promises to educate students in rum in an in depth five-day course in Spain.

The course is meant for anyone wanting to earn a living within the rum or spirits industry, such as bartenders,  aspiring brand ambassadors and even bloggers and will entail everything from production methods of rum to barrel making to mixology to tasting and blending rum.

During the week you will have an opportunity to learn from not only Ian Burrell but also from other industry veterans such as Richard Seale from Foursquare Distillery, rum ambassador David Cordoba, Tiki author Jeff Berry, food scientist Bernard Lahousse, consultant Michael-Don Smith and cocktail historians and authors Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller with more speakers to come.

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How Rhum is made on Martinique http://www.refinedvices.com/how-rhum-is-made-on-martinique http://www.refinedvices.com/how-rhum-is-made-on-martinique  

Want to see how rum is produced at the Clément and J.M distilleries on Martinique? Then check out these two inspirational videos taking you through the beautiful surrounding nature and culture to the distilleries where the juice is extracted by crushing the sugar cane, fermented, distilled, aged and bottled for your pleasure.


An intricate and traditional rum making process.


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Brooklyn meets Woodford at Whisky and Alement http://www.refinedvices.com/brooklyn-meets-woodford-at-whisky-and-alement http://www.refinedvices.com/brooklyn-meets-woodford-at-whisky-and-alement Brooklyn Local 1 & Woodford Reseve Aged Cask RyeMay 25, it is a Saturday afternoon at the newly renovated Whisky and Alement, formerly known as Chez Regine, with the staff busy preparing glasses and snacks for the Whiskey and Beer pairing about to start. I've arrived a little early with Linus Schaxmann setting up his laptop for the presentation, we're still waiting for everyone else to show up.


Meanwhile I have a look around the new bar and it really looks fantastic with all the tasting glasses set perfectly on their pre-allocated spots reserved for about 30 people.


I have no idea what the snacks consist of but they are starting to smell awfully delicious with the smell of Woodford Reserve wafting in the air as it's being poured in the glasses. Almost everyone has come in now and the presentation is about to begin.


We are introduced by Linus Schaxmann from Brown Forman to Allan Duvall and Tom Price from the Brooklyn Brewery. After a few introductory words we get right into pairing some new-make Woodford Reserve with Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. Room soon fills up with chatter as we get started and compare our notes and thoughts.

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Whisky enthusiasts gather in Adelaide http://www.refinedvices.com/whisky-enthusiasts-gather-in-adelaide http://www.refinedvices.com/whisky-enthusiasts-gather-in-adelaide

Lark Whisky (Tasmania)Sunday 2nd June between late morning and late afternoon hours at the Hilton on Victoria Square in Adelaide, gathered a number of Whisky enthusiasts to sip and savour whiskies from beyond the sea and some from closer home.


The Great Whisky Exposition marked the 4th Malt Whisky Society Convention showcasing around 80 different whiskies from around the world including Scotland, Taiwan, New Zealand and of course Australia.

Some notable products in addition to the usual suspects were whiskies produced in Tasmania such as Sullivans Cove and Lark Single Malt Whisky and new products such as the Starwards Whisky from Essendon, Victoria.


Unusual finds at the show were single malt Whiskies from Taiwan called Kavalan. Available from the Kavalan range were the regular flagship single malt as well as the Concertmaster Port Cask and Solist Sherry Cask finished single malts.

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