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If you are a brand owner or a representative of a brand looking to find new ways to get exposure to your quality alcohol product, we can help you by featuring your product on Refined Vices - Your direct link to the Drinking Community.


Why should you have your product reviewed on Refined Vices?

ReviewsAt Refined Vices we provide unbiased and in depth spirits reviews free of charge.


We write these reviews because of our great passion for fine spirits and our desire to spread the knowledge about these fine spirits to consumers as well as professionals of the liquor industry, who are always on the lookout for new spirits.


In addition to reviewing your product we take a World Class photograph of your product(s) for the review, capturing every detail of the glass work and label design which will ensure that those looking to buy your product know exactly what to look for on the shelves of the shop when reading the review.


This is another great and a free way to showcase your product.


On each review that we write we will also link to your brand's website if you have one.


To get an idea of what to expect from a spirits review on Refined Vices, take a look at the several already published reviews.



To be reviewed on Refined Vices, all you need to do is send your product(s), that you wish to have reviewed, to the address in our AUSTRALIA office where we are currently based. The address is not published on the website for security reasons.


For the address and answers to any questions, please e-mail us at info[remove] with a press pack, if available, and any other relevant information about the products that you want reviewed.


You may also send any other sales merchandise that you think may be useful (we love fancy giftboxes!).


You will be notified by e-mail once your product has arrived and once again when the product has been reviewed. Due to the popularity of Refined Vices, it may take some time for your product to be reviewed but we strive to have your product reviewed within a week or two.


The Refined Vices Product Highlight Feature

We can also offer a feature where we highlight your entire product line (line must consist of at least 3 products) for a certain duration by reviewing each of your products in one week intervals.


For example, if you have 4 products, we review one product each week for four weeks or if you have 6 products we review one product each week for six weeks and so forth (We can also do up to two reviews a week if required).


This means that there will only be your products featured and reviewed for the entire duration of the highlight, which is a great way to get even more exposure as opposed to single product reviews.


In addition to having all of your products reviewed and featured on Refined Vices we will arrange for your reviewed product line to be displayed on top of the reviews section (click link for live examples) in the rotating header image with a clickable link to the reviews.


Your Product Range


Alternatively if you do not wish to send your entire armada of products at once, we can always feature the product line in the header image later, once all of the products in the range have been reviewed.



Refined Vices is read by hundreds of unique visitors every day from all over the world and has gained international exposure in various events and publications. See the Press section for a more detailed view.


Do you like what you are seeing? Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and other enquiries as we would love to hear from you.


For more information on how we review, click here.

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