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Refined Vices in the Press


Apart from becomingy increasingly popular in the internet community, Refined Vices has also received global fame and recognition outside the internet in various publications and events, after its launch in 2007.


This section contains a collection of pictures and quotes from some of those events, publications and people.


Rum Blogger of the Year 2012 - Golden Rum Barrel Awards

Golden Rum Barrel Awards 2012 Trophy

Refined Vices was nominated for and won the Rum Blogger of the Year award at the annual Golden Rum Barrel Awards in London in 2012.


The prestigious awards ceremony is part of Ian Burrel's UK RumFest and is considered the Oscars of the rum industry.


Previously Refined Vices was nominated for the award in 2011.



Australian Bartender Magazine

Australian Bartender Magazine"Refined Vices is a website dedicated to spirits reviews and specialises in whiskey and rum.


The site caters to rum and whiskey aficionados, journalists, professional distillers and the odd barkeep.

At present there are over 30 reviews to please your mental taste-buds, from the Venezuelan Diplomático Reserva Esclusiva Ron Antiguo through to Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 1996 with many more on the cards.

If the reviews aren't enough to keep you entertained, become a member and get stuck into the discussion board, distillery tour articles, rum and whiskey news, or informative pages on the history and production of these two fine spirit categories.

Still not convinced? The site also contains the witty, but erudite 'Gentleman's Everyday Situation Guide'.


- Australian Bartender Magazine - September 2009 - Issue 105." Click image for magazine scan.



Dale Sklar of Wine and Spirit International

"What a fascinating and refined palate you have!

What’s extraordinary is to sip the rum while reading your review and in effect, see the experience through your eyes, or perhaps more accurately, through your senses.

Actually it’s quite an intimate experience and I enjoyed it immensely."

Atlantico Rum

Refined Vices on Atlantico PosterAfter the review of Atlantico Rum, Refined Vices and its works have been frequently and still continuing to be featured by Atlantico Importing Company in various events and on their website, where you can find our photography on the frontpage and some in the cocktails section.







Refined Vices on Atlantico Poster

Atlantico Bottle by Refined VicesBottle on Atlantico Website



Our bottle photograph finds itself in conjunction with the latest Atlantico Rum campaign featuring the pop star Enrique Iglesias!

Rum Raisin Cocktail and bottle photo by Refined VicesAtlantico Rum & Enrique Iglesias

Our Rum Raisin cocktail photo also appeared with the bottle photo at a pop up bar at a golf range.




Zoo Weekly Magazine

Zoo Weekly Magazine Booze AwardsSecond time Refined Vices was featured in an Australian magazine, was in a lightly humorous mens magazine that is published weekly mostly featuring women dressed in... well not much!


Though we understand the articles have to be written to appeal the audience but what I cannot understand  the change they made in my words saying El Dorado 15 is lighter than most South American rums!


It would appear search engine excerpts were used for this part of the article and all I can say I never said that and that it is factually incorrect and would have appreciated the chance to go through this section of the article before it was being published.


Oh well I suppose any publicity is good publicity!



zoo magazinezoo magazine